COVID-19 Alert Level 2: How We Are Keeping You Safe

By: Dental Holistix

Dear patient,

Our clinic is open at Alert Level 2.

Please be assured that the health and wellbeing of patients has always been the top priority at Dental Holistix and this priority is doubly important to us amid the current community outbreak.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of what we will be doing at each of the alert levels and the precautions we will be taking to ensure your safety.

As always, we are dedicated to keeping you safe while providing you with outstanding dental care.

Alert Level 2 Precautions

1. Offering routine dental care for those patients who fall into the low risk category.

2. Ensuring all staff who are sick stay home.

3. Screening all patients with upcoming bookings to ensure patients are not showing signs of active viral infection.

4. Allowing only one patient at a time within all common areas of the premises.

5. Ensuring thorough disinfection of all surfaces in the administrative and clinical areas between patients, and ensuring hand sanitiser is always available in our reception and waiting area.

6. Practicing physical distancing within our reception and waiting area.

7. Being extra vigilant with personal hygiene and the cleaning and sterilisation of tools and surfaces using medical grade disinfectants.

8. PPE (personal protective equipment) worn by all staff members at all times

9. Rubber dam application where possible to isolate the tooth we are working on and shield the rest of the mouth.

10. Peroxyl mouthwash in surgery as a pre-operative rinse to lower bacterial and viral count.