COVID-19 Alert Level 3

By: Dental Holistix

Dear patient,

We would like to inform you that the clinic is closed at Alert Level 3.

The health and wellbeing of patients has always been the top priority at Dental Holistix and this priority is doubly important to us amid the current community outbreak.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of what we are currently doing.

As always, we are dedicated to keeping you safe while providing you with outstanding dental care.

Alert Level 3 (Current Alert Level)

1. Emergency dental care. This is limited treatment for relief of pain where prescriptions are inadequate or inappropriate. All patients requesting emergency care will be triaged by phone first. Please call:
07 858 0750.

2. Offering telephone conversations for relief of pain with immediate availability of prescriptions.

3. Telephone or video consultations for elective treatment such as cosmetic and implant dentistry. Please contact